Enterprise Architecture Pitfalls

Top three pitfalls for Enterprise Architecture –

1. Stakeholder Support

You can have a very good business case, strategy, and plan however change will not happen without the support of the stake holders. Stakeholders include the top guy/girl as well as the end users.

  • Who is it that needs to say YES in the end to make this happen? Ensure that person is involved directly in the vision definition and final planning. That person will have one to two hours for an important initiative.
  • Who are the stakeholders that will make this happen from an implementation standpoint? There may be concerns such as job security and “control” that are not explicitly mentioned but need to be addressed to really get their support.

2. From Strategy to Implementation – Make it happen

Enterprise Architect needs to go beyond selling the vision. Make it happen, and make it happen good. There is a lot that can go wrong before and during the implementation. Stay involved till the implementation becomes a “machine” by establishing governance like best practices, standards, vendor identification, negotiation etc.

3. Show the money, now

Avoid the urge to engaged solely in documentation of the enterprise as-is business processes and technology details. This is an ongoing process for your free time. Start with quick hits.

  • What is it that the business needs now or in near future? Is it cloud strategy, supply chain optimization, or cost reduction? Identify important initiatives that need a go-to plan in two to four months. Lead the business case, business-IT alignment, and roadmap.


SrikanthApril 2nd, 2012 at 6:16 pm

I agree with the pitfalls mentioned here and how to overcome them. What is shown in the video seems to be the reality where too often a senior person gets promoted to be an Enterprise Architect – typically from IT. The challenge is to transition from the IT world quickly into the business world communicate in business terms and show business users that the enterprise architect is not slowing them down is critical. In my opinion it is not critical to get all the documentation done right at first instead we need to show the value of enterprise architect by solving a business problem leveraging assets already in-house. Once we get this buy-in people will realize the importance of enterprise architecture and will be happy to give the extra time that is needed to build the EA assets.

Just my 2 cents…

adminApril 2nd, 2012 at 9:19 pm

Sri, thanks for your comment. Agree with you.

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